Welcome. Let’s talk about effective leadership.

When I am asked what makes an effective leader my response is that it is no different than what makes a human being effective in life. How we show up —whether as a parent or a CEO—boils down to our fundamental awareness of who we are and how we engage with the people around us. It’s about understanding where we come from and the ways that impacts our day to day lives.

The work I do is about helping people deal with their lives in businesses and organizations in a way that honours the complexity of what it is to be human. I help people and organizations get personal—acknowledging the good, the bad and the ugly—so that they can show up as the best versions of themselves in all parts of their lives. This is what I do best.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please take a look around to learn more out about me, my approach and services, and then reach out with any questions. Leadership is an ongoing conversation.

Jennifer MacLeod M.ED., PCC

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