Building Leadership Capacity as a Team

What makes supporting a team through coaching most valuable to businesses today is that it enables the team to reframe and enhance the way it relates to and serves its business environment, which means placing as much emphasis on how it leads change with its stakeholders as how it functions internally. Therefore, rather than just focussing on the team’s internal relationships and functioning, my approach is to work with the team and its members to build their collective leadership, helping them to co-create value in their engagement with their stakeholders. These could include the commissioners of the team; the investors; those that the team leads; the customers and suppliers of the team; the communities in which it operates and the more than human world the team depends upon. This approach recognizes that the biggest challenges in nearly all organizations today lie not inside the individuals, teams, or even departments, but in the connections between them. Global Team Coaching Institute 2020

I will work closely with you as a team leader and your team to:

• Clarify and build alignment around your expectations as far as critical team disciplines needed to develop a high value creating team including the team’s purpose, its relationships with stakeholders throughout the organization, internal processes and learning.
• Create Team engagement and alignment by raising awareness around the team leadership preferences and styles and how they can help or hinder the process and team mandate.
• Develop the leadership capability for each leader through a process that will deepen understanding of each leader’s current strengths, possible blind spots and opportunities for development.