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Every individual, team and business is unique. What will be required to support change and transformation is equally subjective and unique. I start with an understanding of where you come from, where you are today and the change you are aspiring to. I then work closely with you to support that change and the subsequent shift in identity that must accompany change for it to be meaningful and lasting.

In meeting with an individual or organization for the first time, I start by exploring business/personal goals, the leadership required to achieve those goals, the desired outcomes and the community of stakeholders and business partners that will need to be engaged to support success.

Change initiatives personal or organizational often fall short because they neglect to explore the personal and psychological shifts that must accompany showing up differently or changing. Whether that change be about becoming more assertive, inclusive or less controlling as a leader or moving from a product to a customer centric orientation as a business – its not just the aspired change that matters. Showing up in different ways means leaving parts of ourselves or our business behind and discovering new identities or ways of being that we haven’t discovered before. I address the state that change puts people into. If that state is not incorporated then the change doesn’t stick. Working with that identity shift is personal. That’s what differentiates the work I do.

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