Over the past twenty-five years, I have had the tremendous privilege of working with hundreds of leaders who have taken on the challenge of making lasting, transformational change in their organizations and in their lives. Below some of those leaders share their perspectives on their work with me.

  • I would highly recommend Jennifer as a leadership coach. She is a key partner that provides fresh insights, expands my thinking, and helps to build my confidence and skills in support of clarifying and achieving my professional and personal goals. She is a phenomenal coach.

    Vice President, Public Service

  • Jennifer was my coach at a particularly exciting and challenging time in my career – a transition to an executive leadership role. She helped me understand that transition is as much about moving away from my former role as stepping into a new one, and she helped equip me with tools and frameworks to facilitate this transition. She was also helpful in working with me to unpack weaknesses that impede my effectiveness as a leader and to explore and work on strategies to address these to improve my performance.

    Business Partner, Professional Service Firm

  • I have now had the pleasure to have Jennifer help me with a number of transitions and promotions. The natural reaction of most leaders, including myself, is to want to repeat what made you successful at the previous level and thinking that it will make you successful at the new level when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A leader needs to adapt to the requirements of the new responsibilities which is where Jennifer helped and continues to help me. If you are looking for an easy session where Jennifer will simply agree with you, she might not be the coach you need. Jennifer offers candid feedback based on her extensive experience using her many resources to drive the point across and push the thinking to the next level. Changing is not easy but Jennifer knew how to adapt her style to accompany me through the required changes. She comes highly recommended!

    VP Canadian Capital Corporation

  • On two separate occasions I have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer as she supported businesses looking to scale or diversify their market share through leadership strategy and development. Board members and senior management benefited considerably by her facilitation and guidance through the assessment of leadership capacity and fit to support business strategy and meet longer term objectives. Jennifer has the ability to coach organizations through challenging discussions and often difficult decisions that come with change and growth strategies. She does so in a manner that is equally professional and personal, direct yet compassionate.

    Former Chair of the Board of Directors at Canadian Crown Corp

  • Jenn has helped my team to work better together. I lead Ottawa’s only non-profit real estate developer. As I was creating the start-up, Jenn assisted my team in forming better relationships to improve our teamwork and to ultimately create more affordable housing. Her understanding of leadership required to support business growth and transformation was invaluable and she comes highly recommended.

    President, Non-Profit

  • Working with Jennifer has been invaluable for my professional and personal development. Her co-creative approach to leadership coaching pushed me outside my comfort zone, allowed me to self-observe and assess my leadership style and gave me confidence to explore more productive and effective leadership approaches. Jennifer creates a coaching environment that enables open dialogue, deep reflection and active exploration. After every coaching session with Jennifer, I felt energized and committed towards my goal of being a better leader and father. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any organization or individual seeking professional and/or personal transformation.

    Senior Leader, Public Service

  • Very thought provoking and impactful – both from a professional and personal level.  Jennifer’s insights helped me better understand my tendencies and influences and the integral role they play in shaping my leadership style. She has a sincerity and honesty about her that allowed our sessions to be safe, natural, and comfortable – enabling us to have frank discussions and meaningful reflections on several tough situations that leaders’ face on a regular basis.

    Senior Leader, Public Service

  • Jennifer’s credentials are impressive. Working with her has all of the benefits one would expect from someone who has reached mastery in their craft. Most notable though is not her credentials, nor the experience of working with her, but rather, most notable are the results that flow from working in partnership with a master coach.

    Founder and Partner, Professional services firm

  • Jennifer has the uncanny ability to engage senior executives in a manner which breeds trust and openness thus allowing a rich dialogue to emerge as she works with people. She gives honest, thoughtful and very specific feedback in a practical and down to earth fashion. Even the toughest feedback is given in a manner, which is non-judgmental and leaves individuals with clear insights on how their attitudes, behaviours and managerial approaches impact their colleagues, subordinates, and the culture of the organization. Jennifer’s is one of those professionals whom you know you can rely on to be honest, discreet, insightful and whose integrity you never doubt. I highly recommend her services for any coaching, mentoring, executive assessments or any other executive team dynamics mandate an organization may require.

    Senior VP, Canadian Crown Corp

  • I am fortunate to have gotten to know Jennifer and her coaching expertise through being her Mentor Coach for ten in-depth sessions.  I listened to many of her sessions in a confidential setting and was able to experience her ability to coach her clients to key awareness(s) and achieve forward actions based on their own insights.  Jen is a schooled and NATURAL coach; she is wise in life and business.  I recommend Jennifer as a coach who has the capacity and ability to work with you through any situation(s) that are important to you.

    Certified Mentor Coach and member of the credentialing committee International Coach Federation

  • During a career transition, I had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer MacLeod. Jennifer helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about my work experiences and life choices and challenged me to reach out of my comfort zone. During this time she greatly impressed me with her ability to create an environment of trust and openness. She listens and gives direct, honest feedback and is able to provoke awareness through the smallest questions. Personally, I feel a great closeness to Jennifer simply because I know that I can trust her. Today, I consider her a good friend and someone that I know that I can rely on for excellent advice on tough situations.

    VP, Professional Services Firm


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