Creating Customized Leadership Development Programs at an organizational scale

I work closely with a select group of independent coaches, consultants, and trainers to support Leadership Development at a team and organizational scale as well.

We create customized transformational Leadership Development Programs that help organizations define and develop the leadership required to achieve organizational health and optimal business results.

In meeting with an organization for the first time, we start by exploring business goals, the leadership required to achieve those goals, the outcomes you are looking to achieve and the community of stakeholders and business partners that will need to be engaged to support success.

We then work with you to co-create a customized leadership development program based on your unique goals and the business challenges you are currently facing, as well as your strategic objectives.

The co-creation of a comprehensive leadership development program aimed at developing the individual and organizational leadership of the executive team involves an initial planning meeting with the executive team to gather data that would inform a more comprehensive leadership development strategy.

Leadership Development Programs may include one or a combination of these 3 areas of development:

  • Executive coaching for individual leaders
  • Executive team development
  • Team/Organizational Coaching through custom designed sessions around specific business goals

All facets of the leadership development program are created using simple frameworks such as the universal model of leadership, and holistic meeting methodologies that support an inside out transformation for individuals, teams, and the whole organization. All programs are designed for a minimum of 6 months to one year.

In summary, our leadership development programs:

  • Are customized to meet current organizational and leadership challenges;
  • Enable you to practice leadership in action;
  • Meet real time business challenges while building leadership capacity in individuals/teams and the organization;
  • Are led from the inside out.
  • The overall objective is to help you:
  • Build a healthy organizational climate while achieving business results;
  • Develop the health and well-being of individuals;
  • Leave you with the capacity to sustain a leadership model that is integrated and congruent with your strategy, culture and business practices.
Transformational coaching