A foundation for lasting change.

It has become a cliché that change is a constant. We are not static as human beings nor are we static as organizations. But to embrace the kind of change that leads to real growth demands more than bearing witness. It demands getting out of our comfort zone.

Indeed, for growth and transformation to be lasting they need to incorporate not only the context of what is changing but also the changes in personal identity, self-esteem, beliefs and values that accompany them. This is the core of my work.

In my approach, I work with the whole person, team or business with a focus on self-exploration and awareness to support the transformation process.

My approach is:

  • Supported by graduate work in Counselling and over 25 years of study and application of proven frameworks and processes to support psychological states in transition.
  • Client-centred and built on therapeutic models that focus on the development of human potential rather than evaluating fault or weakness.
  • Includes somatic/transformational coaching and is informed by an understanding of trauma and how it is held in the body and plays out in day to day life and leadership behaviours.
  • Grounded in over 25 years of experience working with leaders to build leadership effectiveness as they progress to more senior roles in organizations.
  • Enriched by direct experience in the areas of executive search, organizational psychology, executive assessment, leadership development and as an executive coach.

My coaching approach is about empowering my clients for growth, and it starts with their willingness to engage in organizational and self-discovery. I work intimately with my clients to build that awareness and the choice that it offers.

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